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10 Events That Prove TIME TRAVEL Is REAL! |

10 Events That Prove TIME TRAVEL Is REAL!

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So you think time travel is impossible? Well, if TheHub hasn’t convinced you before, we’ve found more evidence to change your mind and challenge your perceptions. We’re back with 10 Theories That Prove Time Travel Exists. Here, you’ll find spatial anomalies to fog the mind and all-consuming black holes to distract the senses. These theories aren’t just the mad ravings of lunatics or the late-night postulations of fringe scientists. Trained and tried Air Force pilots have experienced shocking visions of old events and conjured up the details of these bygone eras in vivid detail. Respected academics have fallen through time slips and interacted with beings from other eras. And above all, there’s evidence that even the highest members of the military have been involved in shady projects. These top secret government experiments hidden from the public for decades now finally come to light. If people at the high-end of the totem pole believe tampering with the space-time continuum is possible and worthwhile, then why can’t we everyday people believe it too?

Set your watches and join us on an epic trip as we step through the Twilight Zone to find what’s beyond. There’s a place that has all the answers to our questions and the only way to find it is by using all the scientific know-how we can muster while holding on to the steadfast belief there’s a world out there that we don’t yet understand but is very, very real.


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