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10 Epic Minimal Travel Bags |

10 Epic Minimal Travel Bags

Here’s a handful of the best minimal travel bags out there. Hands free backpack travel. #TravelLight

MORE MINIMAL TRAVEL BAGS: https://matterful.co/hybrid-travel-backpacks/
#TravelLife #Matterful

Chase Lynks:
– win free gear: http://matterful.co/free-bags/
– patreon: http://patreon.com/chasereeves
– insta: http://instagram.com/chasewreeves
– tweeter: http://twitter.com/chasewreeves
– spotify: http://open.spotify.com/user/chasereeves
– video gear: http://kit.co/chasereeves/film-podcast

0:55 favorite slings: https://matterful.co/tech-slings-fanny-packs/
Bellroy Sling: https://matterful.co/bag/bellroy-sling/
Camelbak Pivot: http://bag.gg/CamelPivot
Latest sling vid: https://youtu.be/eSmnSL8Na1M

1:28 Kathmandu Transfer 28: http://bag.gg/KathTransfer28
1:38 Kathmandu Litehaul 38: https://matterful.co/bag/kathmandu-litehaul-38-travel-backpack/

Carry Accessories: https://matterful.co/carry-accessories/
2:20 Aer Go Packable Backpack: https://matterful.co/bag/aer-go-packable-backpack/
8:55 Tortuga Outbreaker Packable Backpack: http://bag.gg/TortugaOutbPackbl
3:50 Camelback Chute Water Bottle: http://bag.gg/CamelChute
7:26 Favorite packing cubes: https://matterful.co/carry-accessories/#packingcubes
7:26 Peak Design Packing Cubes: http://bag.gg/PeakPackingCube
8:15 Brown Buffalo Porter Pen Pouch: http://bag.gg/BrownBuffPorterpen
10:07 Bellroy Tech Pouch: http://bag.gg/BellroyTechKit
16:28 Trakke Foulden Pouches: http://bag.gg/TrakkeFouldenPouch
40:39 Riutbag sling: http://bag.gg/Riutsling

11:13 Tortuga Setout Divide: http://matterful.co/bag/tortuga-setout-divide-travel-backpack/

15:33 Bellroy Transit Backpack: https://matterful.co/bag/bellroy-transit-backpack/

18:43 Knack Backpack: http://matterful.co/bag/knack-pack-business-travel-backpack/
medium size shown.

22:36 OpposeThis Invisible Carry On: http://matterful.co/bag/opposethis-invisible-carry-on-backpack/

25:43 Black Ember Forge: https://matterful.co/bag/black-ember-forge/

27:41 Topo Global Briefcase 3-day: https://matterful.co/bag/topo-global-briefcase-3-day/

32:01 Aer Travel Pack Small: https://matterful.co/bag/aer-travel-pack-2-small/

34:58 Nordepack: http://bag.gg/Nordepack

39:29 Riutbag X35: https://matterful.co/bag/riutbag-x35-convertible-security-backpack/
40:39 Riutbag sling: http://bag.gg/Riutsling

44:43 Mission Workshop Rambler: http://bag.gg/MissionWorkRamblr

48:01 Mission Workshop Vandal: http://bag.gg/MWVandal

49:53 Huru Model H1: https://matterful.co/bag/huru-h1-backpack/

Chase’s Glasses: http://bag.gg/RaenFav
Chase’s Jacket: https://matterful.co/jackets/
Chase’s Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-G2lTrwXQYQ
Chase’s Shirt: http://bag.gg/WestRiseXCotton

Can’t believe you’re watching one of my videos! In case I never see you again: break a leg. #biglove

* sometimes we have agreements with companies and if you purchase through a link here it may support the channel at no cost to you! Please purchase through these “affiliate” links to help keep this work going!


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