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10-23-2020 Spokane, WA – Winter Storm Causes Travel Issues |

10-23-2020 Spokane, WA – Winter Storm Causes Travel Issues

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An early season winter storm has been impacting Spokane, Washington and surrounding towns for the better half the day. Many traffic issues were caused by the snow on main freeways such as interstate 90 and US highway 2. Numerous accidents and power outages have been reported as a result of the heavy snow. Most of these shots were shot around Spokane, WA. There are a couple shots towards the end of the video that were in Leavenworth, WA.

Shot list is as follows

0-9 Sec: car spinning out in the snow.

10-16 Sec: Cars stuck on a hill in the snow.

17-28 Sec: Traffic slowly merging onto an interstate in treacherous snow conditions.

29-37 Sec: Traffic crawling on eastbound interstate 90 just west of Spokane in snow.

38-48 Sec: Zoomed in shot following a snow plow at a safe distance in heavy falling snow.

49-52 Sec: Snow plow driving past.

53-57 Sec: Car that slid off the road into a ditch.

58-1:07 Min: Heavy Traffic on I-90 in falling snow.

1:08-1:14 Min: Another shot of cars stuck on a hill.

1:15-1:24 Min. Shot of downtown Spokane, WA with heavy early season snow. Pre-Halloween is impressive for here!

1:25-1:32 Min. Heavy Falling snow in street lights.

1:33-1:38 Min: Shot of cars driving in heavy falling snow.

1:39-1:46 Min: Snowplow refueling as heavy snow falls in the foreground.

1:47-1:57 Min: Person snow shoveling snow off of the sidewalk in down town Spokane.

1:59-2:05 Min: Falling snow in down town Spokane

2:06-2:22 Min: A couple scenes of heavy falling snow at night with good lighting.

The last two shots were both taken in Leavenworth, WA.


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