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【Travel Camera】EN Vtubers go to Shibuya【NIJISANJI EN | Yugo Asuma】 |

【Travel Camera】EN Vtubers go to Shibuya【NIJISANJI EN | Yugo Asuma】

I’ll take you!!!!
@Fulgur Ovid 【NIJISANJI EN】 @Uki Violeta 【NIJISANJI EN】
thank you for your time!

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Yo. I’m Yugo Asuma the DJ from Nijisanji EN’s Noctyx.
Let’s have fun.

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General: #YugoAsuma
Live: #YugoONAIR
Art: #AsumArt
Meme: #Yugottem
Fan Name: #YUGUYS

「©G-MODE Corporation」or「©G-MODE」
Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/%E7%A9%BA%E6%B0%97%E8%AA%AD%E3%81%BF-%EF%BC%93/id765405183
Broadcasting agreements :https://gmodecorp.com/ja/playmovie/”

◆Promise with me◆
– Please be respectful. No harassment, discrimination, doxing,
inflammatory behavior spamming or self-promotion.
Please report, block and ignore.
– No spoilers or back seating unless I ask you to help me.
– Please keep chat on-topic.
– Do not talk about other VTubers or creators unless I bring them up first.
Likewise, please do not mention me unprompted in other people’s chats.
– Please only chat in English or Japanese.
– Don’t be afraid, and just feel free to join the club.


Thumbnail: @syamosaburou

Streaming assets: @yayoi_mio_0330 @Mochi_riv
@Teriririri1 @ironiob @Shi_Luuu @SenWesley1

Emote and badges:
@Mochi_riv @TakoYuui @kakugata_nigou

Opening animation:
Either @obeyhiko&@kq00101_32 or @hyaeci
Music: Dova symdrome

Ending animation:

Chibi & Fuurin:
@pandatype @NeedMora

◇Mama: 犬月煙 https://twitter.com/takerunamito
◇Donation Alert: OJIMOJI @oji3_princess
◇Font: ゆうたONE https://twitter.com/yuta_ptv
◇Art for Waiting screen: 荒瀬♦︎ https://twitter.com/alase_00
◇Background art: Omorphia https://twitter.com/Omorphia1
◇Steam BGM: https://dova-s.jp/



◆Fulgur Ovid


◆Uki Violeta


◆Alban Knox


◆Sonny Brisko



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