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【4K】First time travel to Meiji (no butterflies were harmed) |

【4K】First time travel to Meiji (no butterflies were harmed)

Not a vlog, no intrusive faces or talking, pure Japan only.
In this video I’m going to film Meiji era Japan in 4K 60p. And even go by SL (steam locomotive) train from Nagoya to Tokyo. In the end I will fly around the pond neighbor to this place.
Well, it was always funny to see messages on Japan related forums like “first time travel to Japan”. So this is my first time when I traveled to Meiji era theme park ?. The video was filmed few hours before Inuyama castle walk.
Park is located near Nagoya in Inuyama city. Many buildings here are original moved from other places. Some of them are even functional like restaurants. Other buildings are free to enter to see Meiji era style apartments and offices. There are Meiji era looking tour buses, pretty real old tram and even SL train between “Tokyo” and “Nagoya” stations. Specially for that day there was a discount for people came in yukata or kimono.
No cats found this time ?
00:00 Entrance portal to Meiji era
03:24 Mie prefecture office
08:24 Train depo
12:28 Tour bus
13:30 Tram depo
16:34 Old school
25:32 Tea… sold out
27:20 Seattle Japanese Evangelical Church
33:16 Japanese Immigrants’ Assembly Hall, Hilo, Hawaii
36:36 Old factory
42:14 St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral
46:57 Head Office of Kawasaki Bank (Lookout Tower)
51:55 Imperial hotel
1:00:00 Tea… nope, water time
1:02:20 Riding SL from Nagoya to Tokyo station
1:21:59 Tea time… sold out
1:23:12 Getting on tram
1:26:54 Taking off
1:36:50 Lighthouse
1:38:25 Clear prop!

Map https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1fQtdsng5OmXr61cs7uJn4t8sjd8&ll=35.344673018305386%2C136.9956886788409&z=17
Time 08/23 2pm

Filmed in UltraHD 4K 60p with Lumix GH5 camera, 8-18 f2.8-4 lens, Beholder EC1 stabilizer and Audio-Technica AT9946CM mic. Aerial filming with Mavic 2 Pro.
Feel free to correct my English or suggest a video to film.


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