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⛽️ Article: How to Deal with Rising Gas Prices

How to Deal With Rising Gas Prices

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ℹ️ About the Episode
Every once in a while, we have an entire episode where all we’re trying to do is arrive at a destination. In this episode, we pack up and make our way from Florida to Georgia for the Recteq BBQ event. Based on your feedback, we’ve been turning on the camera more often to capture some of the nuances of RV travel. Turns out, that extra camera time—plus nerding out on fuel cost and MPG—is what this episode is all about! In this episode, we also share a magical lubricant that is sure to eliminate any rusty latches or metal-on-metal issues you might have. Trish makes some “edits” to kitchen items and Marc offers some hitch tips. Then we make our way to a Boondockers Welcome to stay the night before fueling up the next day (ouch!) and busting out the calculator.

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